What are my hobbies?

For me, this is really a hard question.
I do not have any hobby like painting, playing the guitar etc.

To find my hobbies I have to ponder on the following questions:

  • What things did I like as a child?
  • What are things take my spare time?
  • What things do I spend my money on?
  • What would I do if money or time is not a problem?

As as a child, I do not have many such memories. I was sent to boarding school when I was nine years old. In general, I was not fond of outdoor games. I was fat. I could not run as fast as other children.

In school, I had won some general knowledge competitions. I have participated in a few debates. but that was just to fill the space. There were no students to speak against the motion. I was selected only due to my position in the class. I can say this was my first things for which I get out of my comfort zone.

In my teenage, I like to fix things.

Later, I was very enthusiastic about the internet.

I have done blogging during my college.

I like to play cards. My parents forbade me. They think I shall be a gambler. So, I consciously try to refrain from it.

Reading and Writing are something that I have inculcated over time. I think they are useful hobbies.

I have spent a good amount of money on books. If I can pack my clothes in two bags, I shall need at least four bags for my books.

I do not write poetry. I have taste. So I read and listen to it.

When money or time won’t be an issue I shall travel. Especially to hill stations. I would like to watch more live theatres.

Inherently, I am interested in philosophy and human psychology.

I can not say that I like cooking but I can cook. I think this is a survival skill. Everybody should know some sort of cooking.

So, We have to keep experimenting. Anything that interests us is our hobby.
It is not necessary to have a cool hobby. It is about having a life. Life on our terms.

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