Perfect is the enemy of Good

This quote blew my mind.

Yes. This is the formula I needed. I was struck. I was always waiting for perfect moments.

It helped me start moving.

In most cases, trying to make something perfect prevent us from making it good. 

So, instead of setting my perfect blog. I am writing this first post.

Few examples:

  • Disaster management: What would have happened in this corona pandemic, if we had waited for the perfect treatment? 

  • Writing: We can not edit a blank page. We can get better only by practising.  So write, rewrite.

  • Health: We do not need a gym membership. We can start with Walking.

  • Business: I shall start my business when I have the best ideas and resources. This mindset has prevented many people from fulfilling their dreams.

  • Relationships: The idea of perfect relationships and high expectations are ruining our good relationships.

We are capable of great things. But If we want to be right before we start, we will never move.

So, Just Do It.

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