Me and the Internet

During college time, I used to say that Internet browsing was my favourite hobby. After college, I started preparing for government jobs. I quit social media. Deleted all the posts from my blog.

Even 3-4 months before, I was advocating to stay away from the internet and social media.

But now, my perceptions have changed.

I am starting again. All social media accounts. A few blogs.

There are a few things that I have learned by myself.  Content writing, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. I do not have any credentials for these. I will build a portfolio of my work on the Internet.

Then, I will scale things up and convert them in a proper business.

At present, I am focusing on creating content and sharing them on social media. I shall try to share at least 7 posts daily across various social media.

On weekends, I shall publish one or two articles.

Let’s see. How regular I shall be?

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