Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

I am a civil engineer. I have studied civil engineering from last 7 years. After graduating in 2017, I started preparing for jobs in public sector enterprises. In these years, I have studied civil engineering mostly from examination’s perspective.

Many a time I feel that I knew more about civil engineering when I was a college student.

The pressure to excel in examinations with more emphasis on scores have robbed the enjoyment from the process of learning.

Nowadays, to clear an examination, we do not need knowledge. We have to just know how to solve questions.

I have become good at solving questions. The cost that I have paid for this is the love and passion for civil engineering has gone. It is some sort of fatigue.

So, I am taking a break from studies. Literally, I have to unlearn civil engineering. I have to unlearn the ways I study.

Then, I shall learn with a new perspective and greater zeal.

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