• Me and the Internet

    During college time, I used to say that Internet browsing was my favourite hobby. After college, I started preparing for government jobs. I quit social media. Deleted all the posts from my blog. Even 3-4 months before, I was advocating to stay away from the internet and social media. But now, my perceptions have changed. I am starting again. All social media accounts. A few blogs. There are a few things that I have learned by myself.  Content writing, Digital Marketing, SEO etc. I do not have any credentials for these. I will build a portfolio of my work on the Internet. Then, I will scale things up and convert…

  • Happy Akshay Tritiya

    Let’s begin. When you are inspired by some great purpose,All of your thoughts break their bonds.Your mind transcends limitations;Your consciousness expands in every direction; andYou find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive andyou discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. ― Patanjali

  • What are my hobbies?

    For me, this is really a hard question.I do not have any hobby like painting, playing the guitar etc. To find my hobbies I have to ponder on the following questions: What things did I like as a child? What are things take my spare time? What things do I spend my money on? What would I do if money or time is not a problem? As as a child, I do not have many such memories. I was sent to boarding school when I was nine years old. In general, I was not fond of outdoor games. I was fat. I could not run as fast as other children.…

  • Unemployment

    There will always be scope for the good people and the good idea. Why are we unemployed? We have to accept this. Our college education is not a skill. We have to learn to get things done. If we can help the company making a profit, we will be hired. We do not know the right people. We do not whom to approach and how to approach. There is a mismatch. We have to take more chances. One of the ways to know things in which we are good at it by doing different things. What can be the worst thing? We can offer to work without pay. We will…

  • Take advantage of the situation

    Few things are in our control. Few things are completely out of our control. Train your mind to see the good side of the story. The form is temporary. Class is permanent. …..to be updated

  • Our Lives. Our Rules.

    Who has taught us this ambition? Why can we not just be content with what we have achieved? During academics, we were preparing for college admissions. In college, we were preparing for jobs. Government jobs. On jobs, we are preparing for better jobs. Higher posts. When will this stop? Will there not be a day when simply wake up and live our lives? We have to become self-aware. We have to know what things we are good at. We have to know what makes us happy. What entertains us. What turns us on. What is important to us. What matters to us. So,Instead of trying to rise in some predefined…

  • I have to wake up early

    I am on 30-days blogging challenge. I could not write yesterday. Somedays we are full of ideas. somedays we are not. Many-a-times it happens that in starting, we are very interested then lose our interest over time. I won’t let it happen. I had planned that writing shall be my first thing in the morning. I am unable to execute it. My sleeping time has disturbed. These days I am sleeping late. So waking up late. I have to fix this. I shall have to become an early bird. Waking late does not hamper productivity. When I wake up early, I feel happier throughout the day. I have more personal…

  • State of flow

    It will have happened a few times. When you got immersed in an activity completely such that you forget everything else. This is called the state of flow.

  • Believe in People

    Believe in people. Give them a chance. They are nothing but potential. Help them discover themselves.  Encourage them. They need a little. Your encouragement will go a long way. They will do wonderful things in their life. Sometimes even lie if it builds their confidence.  It helps. When self-doubt arises. When we have lost our ways. Do not criticise. Give them a chance to hide there face. Everyone knows when they are wrong. They will improve in the process. Make them feel comfortable. So that they can become their true-self. Everyone is special. Do not judge. Do not generalise.   Keep expectations. They will fulfil it. What I am today is…

  • Writing Tips

    Here are a few writing tips that I have received and trying to inculcate: Write about things that are important to you. There is something you will tell the world even when you won’t get paid for it. Write as you are talking to your best friend. Write about your own truth. About the things, you believe in. Write short sentences. We can not edit a blank page. So write. ….to be updated