Be Greedy when others are fearful

This is a famous quote of Warren Buffett. His advice was primarily for investors. Since the price is directly proportional to the demand. When many people are interested in buying, we may have to pay a higher price than the fair price.

But when there are few buyers, we can buy assets at a lower price. So as an owner of assets, we may get rich when demands come back and prices go up.

This principle we can apply in our general lives too. 

Do not let this time hamper your ambitions. 

This is the time for heroes. Be a hero. Believe in yourself.  Believe in your abilities. Think that you are made for something big. 

This is the test of your optimism. Test of your belief in the future.

Look at the big picture. 

We know this is temporary. The economy will get its momentum again.

Today’s investment is going to yield higher returns. Invest in yourselves. Learn skills. Take individual projects. Challenge yourselves. Get used to being uncomfortable. 

Do the things you always wanted to do.

Just do it.

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